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Retrieved 23 March Fernand smells a business Meanwhile, Carmen gets overwhelmed by fan mail and decides to establish a fan club. He wins from Boma in a game of poker and becomes owner of last one's Caddilac, the soccer canteen and the soccer field. Balthazar Boma episodes,

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Furthermore, Jacques Vermeire had his own film plans and his movie Max was to be shot and released in same period. Boma tries to be at two places at once, but Minou has a serious surprise for him. Balthasar immediately falls in love with her, but she claims not be interested in him. Football unites these people, while the focus is mainly based on their daily lives.

Fernand finds now the love of his life in the person of Bertha Boma, who has returned from Australia for the wedding of her brother.

F.C. De Kampioenen

She was formerly married to Pico Coppens, who left her with her child Billy. Add Image S21, Ep2. Fernand calls off the engagement, however, when he finds out that Georgette is only willing to marry if he agrees to a "basic separation of property" contract, meaning that he wouldn't inherit anything in the case of her death.

When Maurice asks her how she would know that she tells him she has been married with such a specimen, referring to Oscar. He returns to his former garages, where he finds out that it is changed into an antique shop. After his wife cheats on him with his superior, police commissioner Witse leaves Brussels for Halle to start a new life.

Carmen Waterslaeghers-Vandormael episodes, As from season 19 Billy is not present anymore: The Champions is a long-running Flemish sitcom chronicling the mis kammpioenen of a fictional local football team.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. He becomes the second antagonist. Xavier has been chosen to lead Prince Philip thorough a visit to the barracks. Marc and Bieke return from America after the sudden bankruptcy of the firm which Bieke worked for.

He wanted to trick Fernand but it turned out that Fernand sent him the letter with a fake stamp.

Nadat FC De Kampioenen na 21 jaar waren gestopt, kwam eindelijk ook de langverwachte film: Loes Van Den Heuvel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Xavier must transport a contagious virus to the military hospital.

michael: FC De Kampioenen All Seasons

See also TV Schedule. FC de kampioenen is something that is very well known around Belgium the flemish part If you live here and haven't heard of them you kampiooenen under a rock, simple. The dog is named after Nero from the comic strip The Adventures of Nerowhich Carmen happened to see in a newspaper when she was thinking of a name for her pet.

He wins from Boma in a game of poker and becomes owner of last one's Caddilac, the soccer canteen and the soccer field. Carmen's maternal instinct takes over and she treats the dog as the child she never had. He is a very nice guy in the majority of the series, although in later seasons, he seems to have gained some of his uncle's traits as he becomes a lot more stingy although he has no problem with spending a lot of money when it comes down to soccer.

She believes her son runs a well managed garage, although it's quite clear that the opposite is true. Ronaldinho gets the idea to kampiodnen samba lessons, so that he can get in touch with many beautiful babes.

F.C. De Kampioenen - Season 21 - IMDb

In early episodes, she was a housekeeper and cleaning lady at Boma's mansion. In the second movie it is revealed Oscar Crucke is his biological father.

He was sent to jail after he was found a21 of tax fraud. Fernand is very stingy and is always trying to wangle money out of people, especially Marc and Ma DDT who was in love with him for a couple of episodes until she found out that Fernand was only interested in her money. Add Image S21, Ep1.

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