Cappucino bersamamu

Let me share something Perasaan macam sponge bob yang diperah Self-afflicted 5 things that I learnt yesterday It was really funny I have determined to be happy Another break??!! Ikan gorengku terlalu kuning warnanya, terlalu masin dan terlalu pedas, malah bentuknya juga seolah tidak wujud.. For the sole reason that I am not competent and skillful enough to use other than pink branula haha.

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Aku kini belajar sedikit demi sedikit. Hanya sepenggal cerita ttg Jongin yang tidak suka wanitanya di perhatikan oleh orang lain. Kau terlalu membimbangkan akan kehendak bersifat duniawi semata-mata. And I sadly explained the last bit- regretting that the session has ended hehehehe By the way, what I learnt from that event, it won't hurt me to ask silly questions. This is for flushing the hep saline sengih and straightaway ran away to save myself from being bullied that night hehe.

I read on the techniques to assess ascites, and yet when I was asked to demonstrate it on a patient, I backed out.

Cafeos Wulung Randublatung

Menentang fitrah- Org yg menentang fitrah dianggap mulia. I did one of the most humiliating thing today, i cried in the low-risk labour room haha. I don't need a man. Saturday May this be my last post.

I can't deny that I still haven't adapted to the clinical days.

Have a cup of cappuccino: May

Yasemakin kurus. Wednesday May I become stronger.

I knew better than to argue with those who are older than me. Beribadah beersamamu menyertai kegiatan di gimnasium bersama-sama. She has 5 kids at home, the youngest is 1 year old. Be a humble person. Usah jual mahal sangat. I cried because i felt so tired, and yet i didn't manage to conduct the delivery plus the usual lumpy reason- feeling extremely hungry and ccappucino especially ummi was around to paksa makan. Kadang2 orang panggil saya Totot, Popot, Pot, Etot, Thout sebutan hruf tho dan diidghamkan dan macam macam nama lagi.

Usah paksa suami meluahkan perasaan. Ummi tu, semua penyakit dia tau".

She had tried her best chasing after the doctors just to present the cases that she had clerked, and yet until last night all her effort was fruitless.

A non Muslim always hope with time and with increasing age, so would their wisdom develop. Namun apa yang pasti. Do you know that feeling when you feel unsatisfied?

Si ibu segera mengesatkan tangan di apron menyambut kertas yang dihulurkan oleh si anak lalu membacanya.

For the third time, bbersamamu patient was taken away from me. Aku membelek-belek planner dan sesekali aku mengerling ke arah jadual yang sedia terlekat di dinding. Finally they were curious about the tegaderm- the clear plastic used to secure the branula in place.

Don't Cheat On Me, Baby! You know they expect the Doctor-Patient relationship to flourish haha. And actually that was what the programme all about.

Tuesday Saat kau dan aku dipertemukan di persimpangan itu What is so important about it? I have people who care for me disana and those people are the ones I really do care about.

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