Jedai hack 2 za cs 1.6

This GREAT plugin allows you to create portals on a map, entrances, exits, allrounds all-in-one then blackholes. Looks good to me, now I actually look forward to it! This plugin blocks the possibility for players to don't be able to make sprays on the walls.

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It might be fun in some times then make angry the players! With this plugin you can start a visit on a map, that means, players couldn't fire and play to the map objectives.

It's jdeai possible to remove rescue zones as supplement.

That means, when a player throw any of his grenade, the entity doesn't get the normal velocity Simple plugin which glows the player who has an AWP in his hands.

The exclusive all-in-one plugin for models!

The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM) for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

This is a radio replacement radio menus, radio messages that use default CS sounds that aren't used. Default CS or CZ teamattack message is only printed to teamates. This plugin punishes players who flash their teamates.

This plugin tries to balance the game between players by changing players hp in function of their death-kill-ratio on player spawn. Haack simple plugin that blocks the possibility to a non-admin player to do a retry reconnect till the end of a specific sc defined via cvar. Official, Custom, Fun, Training. Players can defuse fake C4s more quickly with a defuse kit.

It's a copy, but with a new cvar which allows you to set two new types of sounds, such as evil and sexy.

ECC Free Download | CS Hacks & Cheats

If you select the option to show info zones, the nearest info zone will be drawn to save server resources. Size of the sprite can be set.

This plugin allows players to use a command which remove the echo sounds on a map. Time can be in seconds or in minutes according of the flags you specified.

Counter-Strike 1.6 hacks & cheats

So you can transform them to a headcrab, Barney and more! So no extra precache required! Aa from "No Weapon Drop on Death" plugin. Vehicle Object Respawn Fix.

You have to install sXe Injected plugin Metamod plugin to use this plugin. Please use either one, either the other, not both! A command can be used to see the online admins, and seven cvars are available to make able you to set mode and admin flags. You can stay in stationnary, fuel is available, cool realism and sound while flying, features and models are very GREAT!

With .16 plugin you can open a menu on your Deathrun server and buy items 14 items available! This plugin auto join players to the Sc team without display any "chooseteam" menu.

Ban For Cheat Messages

This version is the normal version with commands to buy or sell it. Containing a host of restored content and fixes many They generate illuminated lights which go toward the sky.

Clean install is recommended by zz developers. Since the AMX Mod You can't block client side sounds such as weapon sounds except for the knife. Thus you can follow him.

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