Shopnotes 88

When this step is complete, you can screw the lock assembly to the carriage, as shown in Figure 5a. If neces- sary, you can cut a groove in all the parts to hold a panel. After cutting the stops to size. These sounds can damage your hearing bit by bit over time. Send change of address to ShopNotes, P.

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ShopNotes Issue 88

First, take some fine sand- shopnohes or an abrasive pad and use it to remove the accumulated grime, scratches, and burrs from the motor housing photo above. Frank Penicka Mount Pearl, Nfld.

Most of the work is done at the router table. Flip it on its side to dress up the shoulder of the rabbet.

The saw guide rides along this pole for the rip cuts. This detail is really just a wide, shallow rabbet. Or, you can tilt and rotate the vise suopnotes position a complex workpiece like a cabriole leg for easy access main photo on opposite page.

Wood Tools - Журналы - ShopNotes

The model shown in the photo at left is easy to read, with etched markings on the protractor and an engraved line on the arm. You may not get many sparks, but brass shavings are very hot. The Beating Heart of the Shop shipwright Send change of address to ShopNotes, P.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With the saw in place on the base, it can be a bit heavy during use. To make the base, start with the spacer you made earlier.

Work on a solid surface and take your time.

This allowed patternmakers to adjust a workpiece to a comfortable posi- tion without having to loosen the vise, adjust the workpiece, and tighten it down again. Shop Short Cuts 14 — Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems. Builders needed a hinge that would work on a cabinet without a face frame, be shopnotws to mount and adjust, and finally, not be visible.

Sliding Carriage Panel Saw

There are a couple of different ways to create the swirls. The first thing I did was locate the anchor point for the cable on the saw guide. Or, you can just use the dogs on the front jaw with your bench dogs to xhopnotes hold wider workpieces.

The combination of brass, steel, and hardwood gives the plane the professional look and feel of an shopotes tool. After cutting the other side, you can cut the ends. The aluminum angles should fit snug in the grooves. I'm guessing you can relate to the value of a well-tuned router.

ShopNotes Magazine - No. 88 Table of Contents

You'll find the channel sticks up about Vi" above the table top. Once you get the hang of it, the process doesn't take long and the results are pretty impressive.

So every time I removed and reinstalled the door, the posi- tion had to be readjusted. Creating a Pocket One other challenge I came across while building the panel saw was making the saw base. Can you make me one of these? Shop Short Cuts Making the Cut.

And it has features that will save you time and money. These tips and techniques will shopnktes you started. One is to mix emery powder or silicon carbide powder with oil to create an abrasive "slurry" that is lightly spread over the surface of the metal.

Tight kerf spacing along with a notch on the back side make extreme bends possible.

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