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GEO5 adopts a unique system of implementing standards and partial factors, which are separate from the structure input. Nevertheless, most countries adopt their own standards and conventions. Bearing capacity and settlement of spread footing, strip footing and slabs. Each software provider can upgrade the sponsorship level of their software listing by visiting the sponsorship levels page.

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Please check your email. Geotechnical methods applied in GEO5 software are used all around the world. Solve your geotechnical problem with powerful two-dimensional geotechnical finite element design software. It offers several material models for soils and a variety of structural elements such as walls, anchors, geotextiles or geogrids.

Support of universities Educational license of GEO5 software is provided softwar educational purposes to schools, universities and other academic institutions at very favorable price.

Thank you guys for being so awesome. Try GEO5 software yourself. Deep Foundations Bearing capacity and settlement of piles and pile groups. Main Features Variety of conventional and state-of-the-art material models: We can however send you a download link to your email.

Video Gallery No videos available for this software. The service is available to anyone for an annual fee, and included are hotline phone support, professional engineering assistance and unlimited access to software upgrades. Documentation Training materials sfotware to use our software effectively. Over the years I have made several requests for program adaptation and every single suggestion is now incorporated in your programs.

GEO5 - Geotechnical Analysis Suite Software

SO-Log generates boring logs as a means to summarize and report several tests performed within a geotechnical engineering project. We were unable send the link to your email. For Email Newsletters you can trust. User-Friendly Interface GEO5 is composed of individual programs with unified geotechjical interface, which is easy to use and does not require any special training.

GEO5 Stratigraphy — Logs. Analytical verification methods provide effective and rapid structure geotecunical and verification. The software in general is very good and ties in well with the way we do things here.

Each software provider can upgrade the sponsorship level of their software listing by visiting the sponsorship levels page. GEO5 is a software suite, providing solution for majority of geotechnical tasks.

A total of 3 votes cast and 2 users reviewed the software. Training Materials GEO5 software geptechnical easy to use and does not require any special training or studying guides.

Stratigraphy – Logs

Support and Updates Software Update Update all your programs. GEO5 offers two approaches to solving problems — analytical and numerical. Sheeting Design - Various excavation and wall types design Sheeting Check - Excavation shoring design and analyses Shaft - Analysis of spatial earth pressures on circular shaft and determination of internal forces on the structure read more.

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GEO5 software for geotechnical design and analysis |

The GEO5 FEM is used to compute displacements, internal forces in structural elements, stresses and strains and plastic zones in the soil and other quantities in every construction stage.

Analysis of settlement and consolidation of foundation soil. Distributed by Gintegro Visit Website. Your geoo5 will appear after moderation Get price calculations immediately in our Shop or contact us. Friday, 15 November Individual programs verify a specific structure, which keeps them intuitive and easy to use.

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