Keam 2016 prospectus

P4 Government Order applicable to the current academic year contains a Clause similar to Clause 18 in Ext. Viewing and Printing of the Option List based on the options registered: According to the counsel, the management was free to admit students on the basis of any selection process according to their choice, provided the same was merit based, fair, transparent and non-exploitative. Reservation to the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes will be in accordance with the provisions contained in G.

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Such candidates should give a local contact number, if available, in their application in the appropriate place. There may be variation between the income assessed by the Village Officer and that arrived at by higher officers on super checking.

KEAM-2016 Prospectus -

It shall be the collective responsibility of the authority of the institution to see to it that effective steps for preventing ragging are taken. I units, conversion from other systems to S. There is no separate time schedule for registering options under each of the streams. The degree will be ,eam only after successful completion of one year internship as prescribed by the Central Council of Homoeopathy.

Elementary ideas of calculus — differentiation and integration — applications to motion. The Roll number should be entered without any corrections or overwriting. However, candidates under this category, desirous of being considered for the courses BSc. While following the above principle of allotment, the institution-wise break-up of seats that is earmarked under each category as per the mandatory reservation principle will be changed rpospectus certain colleges.

For uploading photograph, click the 'Fill-up Application' button on the homepage. Modes of Payment are: Candidates getting fresh allotment also will have to remit the fees applicable. Dates of the Entrance Examinations: Code Name of College No. Income of the members of the family living together alone need be reckoned.


Decision of the CEE in this regard shall be final. If the complaint filed is found to be genuine, the fee remitted while filing the complaint will be refunded. Vapour pressure and boiling point. The learned Government Pleader therefore seeks dismissal of the Writ Petition. After the candidate remits the fee in the first allotment, a fee receipt will be issued by the bank as token of allotment and remittance of fee. Since it is necessary that admission of candidates to Engineering Courses should be prospedtus on the basis of merit, no procedure that would have the result of sacrificing merit could be accepted as proper or correct.

The Specification of photograph image should be as follows: Options from 1 to 33 only will remain valid and will be considered for future allotments. Apart from the above, for the current year they have admittedly entered into Ext.

If the fee for the course allotted in the second allotment is less than or same as the fee remitted as per the first allotment, no further remittance is to be made by the candidate. FriedelCrafts acylation for acetophenone.

The marks as shown in the mark list obtained from the Board of Examination of respective Higher Secondary Board shall be considered for academic eligibility. GEOMETRY Cartesian System of Rectangular Co ordinates Cartesian system of co ordinates in a plane, Distance formula, Centroid and incentre, Area of a triangle, condition for the collinearity of three points in a plane, Slope of line, 0216 and perpendicular lines, intercepts of a line on the co ordinate axes, Prospectis and its equation.

Dispersion medium and dispersed phase. Idiga including Settibalija Terrestrial abundance, isolation, properties and chemical reactivity.

In the cases of non-assesses the Income Certificate will be issued on the basis of declaration filed by the persons concerned. No extension of time for joining the course will be granted under any circumstances.

Refer Clause 5 All certificates furnished are properly filled in and signed by the competent authority and affixed office seal at specified place.

P2 had no power to limit the terms of Ext.

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