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Template is fully ergonomic and has an optimized code base to ensure good indexing Joomla site by search engines. Under the slider are links to pages of your business website in social networks, one of the most powerful tools to promote a business website. RocketTheme Fresco - Joomla Template.

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Ximenia - Business and Universal Template for Joomla 2.5 by RocketTheme

Gantry Framework - free Template Framework for Joomla 2. The theme is perfect for any corporate-type site that prefers a more moderate, but still visually luring appearance. However, the main attraction of the Ximenia homepage is without a doubt its Featured Content Sliderwhich spans the entire width of the page.

This plus eight preset styles, which radically fockettheme the design of your site, place this template Studio RocketTheme really interesting for those who are looking for a Joomla template for business websites.

In the bottom of the page there is a phone number of the company, its address and email address for your customers who want something to Express about your company or want to contact you in order to become business partners. Advanced typography for a custom design content.

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Any service on this site will be presented to the winner, any target audience will feel comfortable. RocketTheme Ximenia - Joomla Template. Enter your username and password if you are already registered rocketttheme the site. This is achieved by restraint of design elements familiar to the user and the location of the blocks.

Ximenia - Business and Universal Template for Joomla by RocketTheme

Did you like our site? Responsive Design Adaptive pattern design, perfectly adapts to different screen resolutions of mobile devices and desktop PCs. RocketTheme Kirigami - Joomla Template. An assortment of core RocketTheme Extensions, such as RokSprocket and its multiple layout modes, have template based styling to apply integrated visuals for the additional functionality offered. In turn, each section contains subsections.

Subscribe to this entry Please fill in your email address to subscribe to blog updates. Demo package with version of CMS Joomla! You can use Ximenia best for business websites, but also for any other website topic in Joomla 2.

Quick Start Get started in minutes using the installation template with demo content, styles and preconfigured extensions. Effective tips in blocks of the information tape, a beautiful slider in the Central zone, good color combinations, neutral light gray.

Sunday22 July Under this panel is scrollable both to the left and right slider.

Adaptive pattern design, perfectly rocketfheme to different screen resolutions of mobile devices and desktop PCs. SEO optimization Template is fully ergonomic and has an optimized code base to ensure good indexing Joomla site by search engines.

Theme Features | Ximenia WordPress Demo

Each installed application that you run on your WordPress site requires one entitlement. As one would expect, Ximenia is compatible with the Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers, plus it utilized the Gantry framework to make content and design manipulation an easy task to perform from the back-end.

There are three layout variations in all: The Xumenia template will suitable for corporate business websites and there are a great many reasons. The RocketTheme subscription options vary from most premium theme companies.

These can be used to place your social media feeds, Twitter updates, recent posts, archives, text, additional info, contact data, photo galleries and more. Design from those that do not grow old with time. According to the corresponding RocketTheme. To download You need eockettheme login and choose the appropriate club subscription!

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