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Windows ME does not provide the pure DOS environment required to run the program, and any later operating system runs only in protected mode. This is your starting point! Contents [ show ]. Unfortunately, the slowdown feature is not as efficient as the other options in this section, and my test results showed that the program only ran smoothly when the game ran at 1. Gameplay consists of quick combat, simulator free flight mode , training, multiplayer and campaign mode.

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Running EF2000 on a Modern System

Note that you will zuper to run this test with the software that you will normally be using while you play EF Your goal is to find a slowdown setting that best matches a minute of game time with a minute of real time. The pause command forces you to manually reset your CPU throttle after exiting the program.

Since it is a 16 bit installer, it is incompatible with 64 bit versions of Windows. Contents [ show ].

Retrieved from " https: That said, every headache is surmountable, although 64 bit users may be well advised to create a dual boot system with a 32 bit OS as well. Missions require the player to evade ground-based and airborne defenses. Archived from the original on February 7, However, this solution is quite narrow in tolerance for deviation. Suer from " http: Some things might happen a ff2000 too fast such as panning with wuper hatswitch, or explosion animationsbut overall the game will be smooth and controllable.

For 32 bit systems, there are a plethora of slowdown utilities available. The other potential pitfall is that not only must your controller hardware be gameport compatible, but the controller must be analog as well.

Conversely, if it takes more than a minute of real time to execute a minute of game time, you have throttled your CPU too much. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat For example, if I run EF with a normal load, 15 is an ideal match for me. The way to really tell is the old fashioned stopwatch method.

Given EF's age, it will run too fast on a modern system unless it is slowed down somehow.

EF (video game) - Wikipedia

The editors praised it for combining "a high level of realism with fun ", and noted its "ground-breaking terrain and aircraft graphics". This section will discuss options. Windows ME does not provide the pure DOS environment required to run the program, and any later operating system runs only in protected mode.

This is your starting point!

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Archived from the original on October 18, For 64 bit systems, there is only ef2000 option I have found thus far, and that is the Advanced Game Loader AGL can be downloaded at the top of the linked page. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Following the initial release, enhancements to the original package were released in Europe including Super EF, which was designed for Windows On release, a Next Generation critic called the game "one of the best flight sims on the market", applauding the realistically texture-mapped graphics, easy-to-learn interface, intelligently responsive AI, and multiplayer networking.

Dropping the speed to 1x e. With padlock, the computer could lock onto a target and follow it around the cockpit even when the target maneuvers from in front of the player's aircraft. The editors called it "the best flight of all time". It supports virtual reality goggles. You can help suped adding to it.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Of course, there are some headaches along the way as well as would be expected, or else there would be no need for this article. If one minute of game time counts down in less than a minute of real time, the game is running too fast and you need to bump up your slowdown settings.

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