Khadija mastoor aangan

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is not a love story, although it could easily have been one. I sort of want to cry, I'm confused?

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Even though masroor story plowed through the dullest part of the independence, and you could practically feel the character's boredom with the stagnancy of their courtyard as the whole political uproar happened, the story had this way of unfolding that kept me wanting for more, kept me wishing to see it through.

She has published five books of short stories and two novels. That too, in the shadow of a long mastoor of being elites then suddenly turning poor because of a recently failed independence movement. Mar 25, ahmad afridi rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 05, Kamran rated it really liked it Shelves: Its not a story of just victims but of those they victimized. In social terms, this book is believeable because the women of my society tend to make a lot sacrifices that men are brought up to take for granted.

She and her sister Hajra Masroor migrated to Lahore, Pakistan and settled there. This book is around the struggle of independence, the political tussle within a household, poverty, love, heartbreak. This is the story of world of women of that time period. It is set in the time period 12 years before the independence of khaxija from British Raj rule.

Khadija Mastoor

Retrieved 10 November The best part of this book is that no situation and no character is perfect - that is what happens in the real world.

May 25, Saqib Ali rated it it was ok. The protagonist acts neccassrily as an eye to the reader. All of that said, the genius child that Aliya is a bit convenient. The curtain raiser, hosted by Sanam Jangwas telecast live on 13 December Retrieved from " https: It was harrowing to read that end.

This book is about a family that got disrupted during the political unrest that started around the s in Khzdija. Published by Sang-e-Meel Publications first published Retrieved 16 December Many acclaimed writers, novelists and poets have contributed to Urdu literature but for each writer, one or a couple of writings have stood out and become immortal.

Her writing is based on experience and observation. One believed in a two nation's theory, another just wanted to get rid of the British-Raj, then there was a character female who believed that keeping British rule was the best way of surviving. Aangan - winner of Adamjee Literary Award 6. I loved how the book had a feminist tone, which was very ahead of its time. Dec 27, S.

Sara Saif Shabana wrote: He commented that "all the characters have been defined in" skilled great detail by the author, and he worked hard to "stay true" to the "essence of the novel and its characters" while script-writing.

Aangan / آنگن by Khadija Mastoor

Has to be the first classic that chugged with such vigor. The protected environment she has grown up in proves insufficient to the task of shielding her from the trauma of losing her beloved elder sister Tehmina and dear friend, Kusum to suicide when they invest too heavily in the possibility of heady khacija and romance in the otherwise arid landscape of their lives only to be left utterly devastated.

There is Safdar, who loved Tehmina to death, Shakeel who has little qualms about stealing from his cousins, and Jameel who refuses to take no for an answer. Aangan remains low-key, perhaps deliberately so, focusing on girls and women and, of course, men as well, chronicling the disturbances and havoc created in their lives by political events. Its characters, main idea, struggles and plot twists are natural.

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