Mitre kindly sent me this ball and it is very nice. The first two were so epic! Now this was one of the best experiences of my life. Also knowing who to trust. We have lots of fun.

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I actually saw this skill used by Harry Kewell first. I always wanted to be a football player, so this was the closest thing I could ever get to the full experience. A pllayer I played with when we were 18 used to do this.

Steve Roberts (@strskillschool) • Instagram photos and videos

So I started making videos once a week or more. I want to test my creativity. I'm not going to lie. Put it on your foot with your hands. We certainly should do more. Lots of people take advantage of you when you do well. The World Cup in Brazil was very cool. More of his videos now feature strskiklschool footballers, rather than just him.

Welcome to STR Skill School

Balance the ball on your foot. That's the championship, League 1 and League 2. You will need lots and lots of practice. His channel is the biggest independent UK sports channel on YouTube. But there are great people around so not all bad.

He went from non league and signed for a professional club at If you got to meet any footballer in the world today, who would it be? The panna where I drag back and panna with the outside of my foot.

It took me back to my childhood from when I got the Mitre Delta football I wanted as a 9 year old. We recently caught up with both of them to ask about their success and their future plans.

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Will there be another 1v1 Panna Challenge Video? He mixes street football on the pitch to give something different. The next thing is to drag the ball sideways behind your standing leg using the outside or top of your kicking foot.

It depends on the day, as homework and other things get in the way. It is a combination sstrskillschool 2 different skills but is really nice if you pull it off.

Also I strsmillschool received 14, subscribers so far and that shows you how popular the channel has become. Very quickly you will need to pull your foot towards yourself so thief end of your toes are under the ball pointing to the sky. Please watch this video to give you a clear way of setting goals and achieving your dreams.

He was a very good player who never used "tricks" but strangely this was his only one. I was amazed at how fast it did travel.

He thought he could use YouTube to post clips of the techniques he taught his students so they could carry on practising between lessons, but he struck oil when he realised there was a bigger audience out there for his videos:. The Youtube channel has had over 6 million uploaded views to date and over 1. But it always works on the court or on the field.

And we have a laugh while we are doing it. Him replying to comments, tweeting, blogging, promoting….

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