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Windows can be effortlessly minimized to titlebar windowshading or made transparent, aligned and resized in a single click. These are designed to allow you to work with two or four windows visible at once: Wiggle the mouse and it'll wobble more violently.

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Wobbly windows Transparent windows Floating windows.

Deskovery also lets you resize windows with one click. Deskovery requires Mac OS X Click on the zoom button, drag to the preferred size and position, release mouse button, that's all! Deskovery has some other tricks up its sleeve too: Features Simpler to install and to use: Windows 10 finally overtakes Windows 7 Comments.

The UI has been completely redesigned.

Deskovery makes it easy to find the window you want xeskovery of all your open windows, just move your mouse to see the full list of all open windows, select one and move it to front in a single click. I like the cube transition the best.

The fourth column has three icons. Find the name of the window app you want to switch to and click on it.

NeoMobili Deskovery - Mac OSX [Intel/K] Download Free by u34ji Dillard on Prezi

You can add your suggestions to the right. Sign in with Facebook or. Suggest other similar software suggested. Deskovery is a valuable add-on for Mac OS X users, especially those who are frustrated by the poor window management features built into the operating system.

Working with multiple windows on your Mac can be a real pain; sure you have the Dock to help you switch between them, but the functionality is still quite limited, all things considered.

This is useful for having something under a window that you can see through in order to work. Public Beta of DataOrganizer 1.

These are some of the main new deskovert. It brings useful shortcuts seskovery window management to the Mac with just a couple of mouse clicks. In addition of a full multi-monitor support, Deskovery is 64 bits ready for increased performances. Shares plummet following Apple's profit warning, blamed on China, lower iPhone sales and cut-price battery replacements. Deskovery provides everything needed to manage Spaces with a visual Space switcher directly available in the Dock.

Put the scanned handwritten document below a Word window that is see through. Once the list is revealed it can be used as a fast task switching tool.

Find the preferences box by clicking on the little menulet in the menu bar.

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Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy. Microsoft tries to put lipstick on a pig with Chinese 'Year of the Pig' Windows 10 theme 84 Comments. Save time managing your windows. See discussion Is Deskovery really the best app in Desktop category?

Deskovery is now fully supporting High Sierra

Updating from Windows 10 to could disable the built-in administrator account 34 Comments. A full windows list is available and can be activated using both mouse and keyboard. I was confused about this behavior in the video below. Discover New Mac Apps.

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