Raptivity presenter

Pre-built interaction models grouped into 4 categories In this review, we will make use of the Picture Panning Cards from the Slide Jazz-ups. Rest assured that product-merge will be a smooth process, with no disruption to customer service or your usage of the product. Let me know what you think. In my opinion, Raptivity needs a redesigned look and feel. This allows you to design interactive content for various applications, such as business presentations, training courses, eLearning content, and many more.

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Raptivity Presenter

Rest assured that product-merge will be a smooth preenter, with no disruption to customer service or your usage of the product. You can use Raptivity to create a stand-alone course or you can import the published file into another tool, like Articulate Presenter or Captivate.

Depending on the Raptivity Presenter packs you currently own, you will be entitled to corresponding Raptivity packs as well as Standard Pack 4. Sincerely, Raptivity Team Info raptivity. Raptivity Presenter support will be available for your inquiries until July 31st, Hi George — Maybe someone here will see your request.

Harbinger Knowledge provides a 7 days trial of Raptivity Presenter. You could also contact the people at Harbinger who make Raptivity.

Raptivity Presenter

You can continue using your Raptivity Presenter software - no need to send us any request. Your existing support contacts will remain unchanged until July 31st,so you can use the same communication channels that you are accustomed to. Write to us at info raptivity. The only issue is that to get something really slick and corporate looking I imagine needs someone that has a lot of experience using it.

Another unusual feature is that the product is immersed in instructional design models. Publishing your work Three outputs are made available to you. We will ensure you have a smooth transition to Raptivity and continue to get the same level of support as all Raptivity users. However, please be aware that Raptivity Presenter support will be available for your inquiries until July 31st, The interactive models found in Raptivity Presenter are perfect templates for you to showcase your corporate plans, product comparisons, system process flow, interactive quadrant, diagrams and many more.

Putting interactivity into your presentation provides better communications and understandings between the users and you. Once you are done with the installation, open Raptivity Presenter from your desktop. The screen feels crowded and the look is dated. I think the product could work well for us, assuming I can get it to work.

Although the templates are quite customizable, they are not completely dynamic and are limited in the number of objects they allow. Many interactions are appropriate for adult learners, while others would only be appreciated by children.

To top it off, you are given the flexibility to amend the background, color themes, text positioning and other content properties without being restricted by the software. A new Presenterr Manager will be assigned who would be glad to help you with all your inquiries.

These materials may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may these materials be modified or reposted to other sites unless otherwise stated.

Many of the templates provide users with a quick way to design and build an interaction. All the slides after the Raptivity slide work correctly. After this date the support will be discontinued. Pre-built library of interactions that you can use in your presentation ranging from story builders to business visuals Easy customization of interactivity without programming Interactivity output in a single Flash file, easily embedded in PowerPoint Walkthrough: The combined product, Raptivity, includes all Raptivity Presenter interactivities you enjoyed using, plus many more from the Raptivity library.

Your email address will not be published. To a great extent, the decision to merge Raptivity Presenter into Raptivity was driven by thorough analysis of customer needs and feedback. For detailed instructions on presenfer Raptivity output with Captivate, please refer to the document: But what makes purchasing it worthwhile are the graphic enhancements, animation effects, friendly interface and all the ready-made interactive models that Raptivity Presenter offers.

A trial copy of Raptivity Presenter and a separate essential pack containing pre-built interaction models will be sent to your email after filling in the registration form. If you are looking for a unique interactive experience for your presentations, Raptivity Presenter is the software you should taptivity for.

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